My name is Robert. I am 52 years old, and now I live in Los Angeles, Califonia. Two years ago, I married Anastacia, and she was 30 years old girl from Minsk. We met on the marriage site, now we live together, and I want to share my experience with everyone.

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Why Do Men Look For Mail Order Brides

Let’s start with some facts about online dating. Foreign women usually ask, why do we, men, register on dating sites, while we have a lot of American women around. But foreign women have this ability to combine stunning beauty and family-oriented mindset. It’s priceless when a woman who looks like a top model says she wants to live a life with one man. In America, traditional values tend to fade away more and more every year. But I am not the man who will agree to share my woman with another man, for sure.

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Brides from abroad also want to have a happy family at a young age. They have a family-oriented mindset from their childhood. I heard they even play a game in childhood called daughters and mothers. It is way more different from the way a typical American woman spends her childhood.

How Online Dating Works And How Much Time It Takes

I cannot say for every man, but I found my wife during the first six months of being on the marriage site. We matched with each other in the first month of my registration. I needed another five months to establish our relationships. See, I am not a person who does what is on his mind in a second. I was ready to look for a wife for about two years. But if I were a little bit crazier, we would marry in a month and one week.

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My friend who told me about marriage agencies, looked for a wife for two weeks. After, he got lucky with a woman and married her. In general, the terms of finding a wife depend on you and your luck. Your approach also matters. I was honest about everything and always polite with my future wife. That’s why she fell in love with me.

FAQ About Foreign Brides

Why do women want to marry a foreigner?

Most of them look for a better life. Countries, where most of the internet brides come from, are imperfect. And since Instagram is open for everyone, women want to live like on those pictures. But the celeb’s photos tend to be so different from what the women see around. So they see no prospects for themselves, and they seek some way out. Some choose Work and Travel programs, and others marry a foreigner.

Some women seek love and happiness. They had some relationships before, but the men left them brokenhearted. So they need a fresh start with someone new in the new location. Women who have both of these motivations behind her will do everything to marry abroad.

And some women look for adventures. They are usually young, students or without work. They want to turn their life into a great experience and see marrying a foreigner as a big part of it. You can help women like this in implementation of their biggest dreams!

What are the best countries to find a mail order bride?

The list of top mail order bride countries includes Slavic, Asian, and Latin countries. The more precise list you can find on any mail order bride site. I am here to say that you need to understand how do mail order wives from those countries differ. They all have individual character traits and cultural differences. So you better rely on your feelings more than on rankings. I’ll tell in brief how do those women differ.

Slavic women are a little nervous and open. They will express all their emotions about every situation you may face. Asian women think a lot about fashion, and they look like dolls. They demand a lot of attention, and they like compliments. Latin women are mysterious and stunning, like fire. They are not afraid of complicated situations, and they love children very much.

How to fill your profile?

Your mission is to make a mail order bride fall in love with you right away. So you will need a serious approach. The cover photo might be professional. About the description, be honest there, don’t make up any fake biographies. If you think your life position looks mediocre, hire a professional writer. He will help you to put what you want to say in the best form.

You need to be clear about your intentions. If the website has a questionnaire, answer all the questions. Yes, it will take some time, but it will improve the site’s recommendations. I prefer to think about it as about long-term time investment. And please, don’t believe that if you work as a school teacher, you will have no chance because you are not an investor. Every man will find a woman for himself using the marriage agencies.

Is communication with mail order bride safe?

Yes, if you choose trustworthy online agencies to buy a bride online. Don’t look for the cheapest site; look for the most reliable. Anti-spam protection and reviews are the parameters that have to attract your attention. According to the mail order brides statistics, the best brides register on safe sites. They value their privacy and security as much as you do.

According to the same statistic source, the mail order bride divorce rate decreases. So marrying a mail-order bride is even more reliable than marrying your neighbor. But I can say so only about well-known sites. You need to check reviews before registering on any website.

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The Best Sites To Find A Mail Order Wife

The best mail order bride site, is Victoria Dates. It is the most famous site in the industry. It exists for about ten years or more. You can find a legit mail order bride from every country very easy on this site. The anti-scam protection and ID-checks for each user is what I like about Victoria Dates. Their design is minimalistic and straightforward.

Another site that grabbed my attention is Asia Charm. It is a very cheap site with thousands of Asian beauties. I never liked Asian women very much, but I registered there to check how this all system works. I loved the customer support so much. They will treat you like VIP-client for 10 dollars premium membership, that’s awesome!

How To Find A Wife? Some Practical Dating Advices

Some men may experience troubles in their tries to find a wife online. Here is a list of simple tips, that will help you to avoid issues of online dating.

  • Mention real information in your profile.
  • Don’t try to act unusual, it looks creepy.
  • Respect the woman you talk to.
  • A video call is like a real date but online.
  • The more gifts you send, the higher your chances are.

Those tips are simple and even obvious for some people. But they work, for sure. And they will make you more attractive for every woman, and it doesn’t matter her age or country of origin. I promise, if you stick to these simple recommendations, you will find a wife twice faster.

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Mail Order Bride Price Range

In general, a mail-order bride will cost you from $15K to $30K. It depends on you. Mail order bride pricing contains the following items.

  1. Agency fees. About 120 dollars for a catalog.
  2. Translation fees. It’s about 12 dollars for one letter.
  3. Addresses. To find out where the bride lives you need to pay about 20 dollars.
  4. Dating in person is about 3500-7000 dollars for one trip.
  5. Wedding dress, a car for her, the visa is about 10000 dollars.


As you can see, choosing a woman in the mail order bride catalog isn’t rocket science. If you put a little bit of money and effort in looking for a wife, the outcome will be perfect. Building a family with a foreign woman is much easier than with an American one.