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For many years, I worked as a communication coach with my clients and couples, specializing in overcoming relationship difficulties and finding partners. My job required a lot of traveling, and one day, I realized that I was in my 40s and wifeless. That’s how I started to actively use mail-order bride sites and explore the world of international relationships.


And you know, I’m a lucky guy, as I met my wife, Anastasia, this way. I don’t want to get all lovey-dovey, but this Ukrainian woman changed my life and became the muse of this project. Our relationship—all the ups and downs of our long-distance relationship and immigrating to America—became my inspiration for what you can see here.

I’ve seen my clients and friends struggle in relationships and search for a suitable partner, and I wanted to help on a larger scale. I made it my mission to share my experiences so all of you who are curious or in a cross-cultural relationship can walk your path a bit easier.

4 Facts You Need to Know About Me

Psychology Geek
Since my teen years, I’ve been in love with psychology. I’ve even found a wife who has a degree in psychology.
international dating
Adventurous Traveler
My work requires a lot of traveling, and I never complain about it. Exploring the world and seeing how people live and love in different countries is a big passion of mine.
One-Woman Man
My wife is my muse, and I’m grateful for the power of online dating and that I met her. So, I don’t even think about the possibility of seeing other women. 
dating tips
Advice Giver 
(when no one is asking, JK). I believe that I have the knowledge to help people, and I’m happy to use it.


If you’re wondering how I got where I am today, let me share a few milestones, all the way from starting my coaching practice for couples to the foundation of UsMailOrderBrides.com


jack may relationship advisor

The beginning of my communication coaching practice

From when I was a boy, I always felt that so many things could be solved by talking about them. But for some reason, most people choose to keep secrets, lie, or bottle up their issues until they become too much and ruin relationships. After losing my office job during the recession of 2008, I finally got enough courage to turn this belief from a side gig into a full-time business.


My first experience with mail order bride sites

Devoting all my spare time to building a business, I had no luck finding dates, so I knew change was in order. I decided to wear off the beaten path and began exploring the international dating site options. And let me tell you, there were much fewer of those back in the day, and live chat was the best thing they had to offer.


jack in moscow

First trip to Europe with a communication coaching training program

Four years in, I finally found a unique take on coaching, making international couples my priority. Considering Russian mail order brides were all the rage at the time, I organized my first live program in Moscow.


Meeting my future wife, Anastasia, in Kyiv

It felt like fate when I had to take a trip to Ukraine after only a few weeks of chatting with Anastasia online. Our first date was a bit rushed, but it helped move our relationship forward, and I knew for sure she was the one for me after that day.


Jack and Anastasia May wedding

The hassle of filing forms, applying for a visa, and jumping through all the hoops to finally get her to the US was worth it. It took us almost a year, and we planned a hasty wedding because we couldn’t imagine postponing our celebration anymore.


First online sessions on international dating

We were incredibly lucky to get married before the pandemic hit the fan, so when we got stuck home during lockdown, at least Anastasia and I were together. Like most couples, we had our fair share of rows in those early months, which gave me the idea of taking my coaching sessions online. As online dating boomed, my training programs drew significant interest. 


First post on usmailorderbrides.com

I caved under Anastasia’s and Hugh’s persistence and finally set up a website to host all my international dating experience and insights. It’s a mix of dating site reviews, national mail order brides’ profiles, and general dating advice, but I hope to implement a few other ideas in years to come.

Now you know where I’m coming from and how this website came to be. So, let’s focus on what you can gain from it.

Core Values in My Dating Reviews

You know I test every dating site personally, exploring all free and paid tools over the course of a few weeks to provide you with the most comprehensive review and help you make an informed decision. But there are three core criteria I value above all else:

Value for money
Unique features
User safety
As most dating sites use credits instead of monthly subscriptions, I assess the prices and paid feature rates to help you compare the expenses and pick platforms that fit your budget.
After the first dozen, all dating platforms become a blur, but I still try to understand what sets them apart from each other to help you compare them and decide which one suits your needs best.
It’s not just about keeping your personal and financial details private. I look for ways dating sites keep members safe from fake profiles, scammers, and con artists. To that end, I evaluate profile verification, reporting and blocking tools, customer support, and more.

ℹ️ When assessing these three criteria, I try to be as objective and informative as possible to give you actionable details instead of emotional outbursts or empty generalizations most online reviews hold.

Affiliate Disclosure:

Some of the links you find on usmailorderbrides.com are affiliate links. If you follow them and make a purchase, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. These links help support the website and keep it available to my readers for free. Please know that I only cooperate with dating sites I personally tested and became a fan of.

Why USmailorderbrides.com?

united states

As I mentioned, my wife and I met on one of the mail-order bride sites, and we went through all the difficulties of a long-distance relationship and immigration being an international couple. A hell of a mix, right? But we survived! Even more so, we have built a deep connection, a loving partnership, and a fulfilling relationship.

I remember one day in particular. That was probably after a month or a bit more when I finally dealt with all the visas, traveling, packing, and unpacking shenanigans. I woke up very early that day and sat on the porch, drinking my morning coffee. I pinched myself in fear that it was a dream. 

You may think it’s silly. But a year before that moment, I was drowning in whiskey and thought that I was in my 40s, with no wife, no kids, and just books everywhere. I fixed and helped start so many relationships but failed to build mine.

happy couple

But pinching myself helped me realize how lucky I was. I got married to a wonderful human being. How could I know that my soulmate was an ocean away?

We went through it all—all the challenges of international relationships, long-distance, and all the pain in my heart from the document preparation that both countries require to get married.

But sitting on that porch, I realized that I wanted to share our story. We have so much precious experience that can help couples and singles who are going through the same things. 

So, welcome, and I hope we can make your love journey a bit easier!

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