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Unfortunately, scams are common in the mail order bride industry, but knowing the most popular schemes will help you avoid those. So, the most popular types of romance scam are:

⚠️ “Send me money”

The scammers ask people for money directly while chatting on a mail order brides site.

⚠️ Social engineering

The scammers exploit a victim’s trust to obtain their financial information.

⚠️ Fake mail order bride websites

Dating sites with only one purpose: to make a victim pay for credits/premium subscription.

Mail Order Brides Scam: Popular Types of Romance Scams & How to Avoid It

How to avoid getting scammed? It’s easy:

mail order bride scam

  1. Do not send money to mail order brides

  2. Never give your payment details to mail order brides

  3. Choose the best mail order brides websites and read the reviews carefully

Follow basic safety rules, and you will have the best experience on reputable mail order bride services.

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