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Now it’s time to discuss the most controversial point of international brides dating—the mail order bride cost. First, what is the meaning of such a statement, and why is it critical for foreign men to be aware of this information?


The term “where can I buy a wife” is not accurate, nor is the concept of a mail order bride meaning itself, as there is no right to buy someone for money, and no girl is mailed to your country. The mail order brides pricing means the expenses for all the stages of the relationship, from the search to the marriage.

So, let’s determine what the mail order bride price includes.

mail order bride cost

The Cost of an Online Dating Site

Nowadays, the majority of mail order bride services operate on a freemium model, with free access to the platform and premium communication tools. Some international dating sites offer to buy monthly subscriptions, while other legit mail order sites have credit-based systems.

For example, the SakuraDate mail order bride service has a credit-based system and several credit packages:

35 credits
$ 12.99
50 credits
$ 19
$2.6 per credit
100 credits
$ 33
250 credits
$ 75
400 credits
$ 100
1,000 credits
$ 200

So, the average cost of monthly communication will be ~$200 without taking into account the expenses for gifts and photo or video attachments.

Expenses for the Trip to Her Country

The most costly thing in dating mail order brides for sale is arranging a trip to her motherland. The cost of the travel includes the following points:

Travel expenses
✈️ A round-trip ticket
🏩 At least one week living in a hotel
🍽 Meals
🚕 Local transportation
🥂 Entertainment

The cost of mail order bride dating in real life also depends on the destination. In a nutshell, traveling to Eastern Europe is cheaper than to Sweden, for example.

Likewise, it depends on your needs and lifestyle, as flying low-cost airlines or living in a 3-star hotel will be more affordable than first-class flights and luxury hotels. After all, the price varies from $1,100 in Thailand to $3,750 in Switzerland.

Cost of Foreign Wife Visa

If you find a real mail order bride and are ready to continue your serious relationship, a K-1 visa to the USA is a mandatory thing to arrange. It’s not as simple a road as you might think and includes many issues related to documents, translation, several interviews, medical examinations, and other expenses. The price for K-1 visa fees is $2,025 without the additional costs.

Wedding Preparations

A successful relationship with a mail order wife online usually ends with a wedding. The cost of the ceremony depends on:

  • State you live in
  • Number of guests
  • Location
  • Season & day
  • Extra expenses for the organization of the ceremony

The average price of a wedding in the USA in 2023 is $29,000. However, you have an option to get married in a mail order bride’s country, which may decrease the cost significantly.

Anastasia May

If you are ready to make efforts and invest some funds into relationships with a legit mail order bride, I recommend you to look through the list of the best mail order bride sites.

  • SofiaDate has the largest dating pool of Eastern European women and a credit-based system, which allows you to pay only when you use the platform.
  • SakuraDate is a top mail order bride site for Asian women, with credit discounts for new users.
  • LatiDate provides a mail order bride catalog featuring beautiful Latin women from all over South America.

Overall, the mail-order bride industry is effective in spite of its cost, and it is definitely worth trying.

Factors Affecting Mail Order Bride Cost 

When it comes to the cost of mail order brides, there are a lot of factors that can influence it. Here are the most important ones:

  • Country-specific fees. For example, in some Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries, a man must pay the “bride price” to the family of his bride, and in some Asian countries, such as India, the average cost of a wedding can be up to $100,000.
  • The level of life in a certain country. The more developed a country is, the more you’re going to spend on your visit. A trip to Japan, for example, will be at least twice as expensive as a trip to Mexico.
Average Mail Order Bride Price
Dating services
2-week trip
Visa expenses

So, how much are mail order wives? Remember that with the best mail order bride website, you do not need to pay for a trip to another country right away. A reputable dating site will cost you $100-$150 per month chatting instead of $2,000-$4,000 for a trip.

How to Save Money 

It’s possible to save money when it comes to marrying foreign brides in USA. Here are the three tips that will help you. 

Do not buy expensive gifts
Real online brides are usually not too materialistic, and they don’t want foreign men to “buy” them, so you can save some money on expensive gifts.
Select the right time to travel
To spend less on a trip to your bride’s country, choose a low season, book a flight in advance, and do your research to find a cheap hotel.
dating service
Spend less on a wedding
Weddings are usually the main part of the total cost of mail order bride, and cutting the guest list, picking a less expensive location, and choosing an “express” photography package will definitely help you save money.

You can save on online dating, as well. If you choose the best mail order bride site, such as SofiaDate and SakuraDate, for instance, you’ll get free credits and discounts as a new member.

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